Daniel Hughes Dental Design

Daniel Hughes Dental Design is a brochure website made for a dentist, who designs gumshields for boxers. Daniel Hughes wanted an elegant looking website that would match his brochure as well as his business. Therefore, our web designers designed a suitable website filled with all the features Daniel required.


how it started

Daniel Hughes Dental Design is an established business but wanted to evolve its online presence by having a new, 7-page website developed, providing a great user experience to its customers. 

After having a consultation with one of our professional web designers Daniel Hughes Dental Design purchased our 7-page website design serivces as was amazed with the outcome.


key objectives

  • Design and develop an elegant website design
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friendly
  • Take ideas from the brochure
  • Design a custom contact form 
  • Ensure the website is fitting for the business


the design

Daniel Hughes Dental Design provided us with a brief summary of what they do and an idea of what they wanted on their website.

Our expert website developers not only designed an elegant-looking website but made it match the brochure. Daniel Hughes wanted a contact form to make it easier for their clients to contact them, therefore our web developers designed and created a simple yet professional contact form.