dewsbury auto-centre

Dewsbury auto-centre is a garage business. They recently purchased our CMS 5 page website package as they wanted to expand their business online. Our website designers built a stunning website according to their requirements.


how it started

Dewsbury auto centre is an established business but  wanted to evolve their online presence by having a new, CMS, 5-page website developed, providing a great user experience to their customers.

After having a consultation with one of our professional web designers Dewsbury auto-centre purchased our CMS, 5 page website package.

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Website designers Leeds UK


key objectives

  • Design and develop an stunning website design
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friendly
  • Design a custom contact form 
  • Include a variety of animations
  • Create impactful page layouts with interactive features and optimised UX
  • Build the new CMS website with optimised administration panels
  • Add a FAQ section
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website designers Leeds


the design

Dewsbury auto-centre provided us with the content they wanted on their website along with a brief idea of how they wanted their website to look like.

Our expert website developers designed a responsive website fitting for their requirements. We organized the site according to the content that was provided, creating an overall stunning website.

Dewsbury auto-centre wanted a FAQ section to make it easier for their customers, therefore our web developers designed and created  a simple yet professional FAQ section fitting for their website.

Despite that, they also purchased our CMS package, which allows them to easily edit the website themselves. Therefore, we ensured we provided them with a backend access with optimised administration panels.