i20 logo design

i20 Logo Design is an established business, they purchased our 5 page ecommerce website package, along with multiple other features. Our website designers created a stunning responsive website design portraying their creativity.


how it started

i20 Logo Design approached us inquiring about a website where their customers can purchase their services easily.

After having a consultation with one of our professional web designers i20 Logo Design purchased our 5 page, Ecommerce website as well as content writing, and a contact form

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key objectives

  • Design and develop an elegant ecommerce website design
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friendly
  • Design a custom contact form 
  • Provide suitable content fitting for the website
  • Ensure there is a pricing page allowing customers to purchase their services
  • Add a FAQ section
  • Ensure there is a portfolio page, allowing potential customers to view there work
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the design

i20 Logo Design provided us with a brief summary of what they do and an idea of what they wanted on their website. They wanted to ensure their customers can purchase their services online via WorldPay.

Our expert website developers not only designed an elegant looking website but created unique content fitting for the website.

We ensured we provided the website with an elegant pricing page allowing customers to purchase their services easily.

i20 Logo Design wanted a contact form to make it easier for their clients to contact them, therefore our web developers designed and created a simple yet professional contact form specialising in their requirements.

Despite that, our highly skilled web developers created a professional looking portfolio page allow i20 logo design to showcase their work.

Our website designers ensured we created a responsive website design that is easily navigated.