Js amazing removals

Js Amazing Removals is an established removal company but wanted to expand their online presence. They recently purchased our 5 page website package. Our website designers built a stunning website filled with animations to bring life into the website.


how it started

JS Amazing Removals came us to enquiring about a 5 page website that allows him to portray his services as well as allowing his customers to contact him, while providing a great user experience.

After having a consultation with one of our professional web developers. JS Amazing Removals purchased our 5 page website package.

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key objectives

  • Design and develop a professional  website design
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friendly
  • Design a unique custom contact form 
  • Include a variety of animations
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the design

JS Amazing Removals provided us with a brief summary of what they do and an idea of what they wanted on their website.

Our expert website developers not only designed an elegant looking website but created a unique contact form that allows their customers to choose the service they require as well as a date they want to book in and the destination they want to move to.

Not only did our web designers create a professional website suitable for the business but created custom sections for the consent provided, while delivering a great user experience.