Touchwood Joiners

Touchwood Joiners is one of our many clients, they recently purchased our 5-page website package as well as a gallery page. Our website designers built a stunning website filled with animations to bring life into the website.


how it started

Touchwood Joiners is a joinery business that designs and builds bespoke staircases. They wanted to expand their online business by having a professional website made that allows them to portray their services online as well as their recent work.

After having a consultation with one of our professional web designers touchwood joiners purchased our 5-page website package as well as content writing, logo design, and an additional gallery page.


key objectives

  • Design and develop a website suitable for the business
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friendly
  • Create a stunning looking logo fitting for the business
  • Design a custom contact form 
  • Include a variety of animations
  • Provide the website with suitable content
  • Add a gallery page filled with their recent work
  • Ensure the website is responsive and user friednly. 


the design

Touchwood Joiners provided us with a brief summary of what they do and an idea of what they wanted on their website. As they are a joinery business we recommended having a gallery page to showcase all their work. Despite that, Touchwood joiners weren’t really sure about what content to write therefore they also paid for our content writing services allowing us to fill their website with suitable,unique  content fitting for their buisness.

Our expert website developers not only designed an elegant-looking website but created a simple but unique logo that matches the website. Despite that, our web developers added suitable animations to the website bringing it to life.

Touchwood Joiners wanted a contact form to make it easier for their clients to contact them, and get their info therefore our web developers designed and created a simple yet professional contact form making it easy for their potential customers to get in touch.